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How to Protect Your Kids from Coronavirus 101 Photo: Glutera

TIMESPURWAKARTA, JAKARTA – As a parent, you might will get lots of question from your kids about coronavirus. You might feel overwhelmed for you have had hundreds of this kind of topic of discussion in a day.

However, at the end of the day, you need to answer their questions and teach them to protect themselves from the virus. Here are simple ways you could teach your kids about protecting themselves from coronavirus.

1. Teach them how to wash their hand properly

According to WHO, the proper time to wash your hand will take as long as singing "happy birthday" twice. Tell them to apply enough soap to cover all the hand surface, make sure all washed up including finger interlace, palms and the tip of your nail.

Tell them to wash their hand after touching things that they know its dirty, or before and after they eat. Make sure they always have hand sanitizer in their bag wherever they go.

2. Tell them to always put on face mask

For this, you need to provide kid's size mask to make the mask work properly. Tell them to always wash their hand before putting the mask, not to touch it too often, and always wash their hand after touching the mask.

3. Supply them with good and healthy food

Such food which high in nutrients are recommended to be consumed during this time. Including for your kids. Give them adequate food with high nutrients. Carrot, broccoli, orange, are a good source to strengthen their immune system.

4. Take them to do some exercise with you

To keep your body stay fit and healthy you need to have regular exercise at least for 30 minutes in a day. Try to do simple exercise and take your kids with you. Playing some sports that you could do indoor will also help you to protect your kids from coronavirus. (*)

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